My first post

I’m starting this blog, to share my DIY’s and inspirations with you. Dutch is my main language, but I try do do the best I can in my creative English:) In Amsterdam Holland I have a giftshop and a lot of the items are handmade, these items I also sell in my Etsyshop and all the gifts you can find in my webshop I’m working very hard to translate my webshop, so that it will be possible for everybody to buy in my shop. I will keep you posted about this. If you see someting in my shop you would like to purchase you can send me a message at

I have a daughter who’s 12 years old and also very creative, sometimes she gets lost browsing pinterest for hours for some inspiration and she has her own webshop (she’ only 13 years old, and I’m a proud mom:). I have a husband who helps me out a lot and there’s Moortje our dog


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