Crochet jar


For this jar I used about 120 gram t-shirt yarn which you can buy here, a jar, a 10mm crochet needle and a piece of 10mm satin ribbon 30 inch long.


Crochet a chain in slipstitch that fits your jar and close it with a half crochet, for my jar I made 20 slipstitches


Than work in single crochet and work till your work is as high as your jar and finish your work.


Put it around your jar and work your satin ribbon through and make a little bow


You can use your jar for your pencils or other things,


or you can put  candle in it!


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25 thoughts on “Crochet jar”

  1. Pingback: Crochet jar | lvly
    1. @ beryl, You should check youtube,because there are a lot of tutorials on how to crochet. I give workshops, but it’s a little to far away:)

  2. I think the jar covers are beautiful. Makes me think about many other items I could cover like tissue boxes, cover a toilet paper roll, a waste basket and so much more. I love the way this yarn works up. I’m going to get some and make beautiful things for my home. Thanks for posting this.

  3. These are so beautiful. I’ve seen similar projects before, but your special touches like the ribbon really make yours so lovely. I saw them on annemarie’s haakblog and just had to have a closer look! 🙂 Now pinned & following you!

  4. What stitch do you use for the ‘half crochet’? Single? Also Do you use a yarn needle and just weave the ribbon through and around each stitch? Do you finish off each round with a slipstitch and chain or just keep going like a spiral? Also when you say make slipstitches to fit the jar, I think you mean chains in UK/US terminology? They look like chains. Thanks!

    1. Dear Sally,

      Yes, slipstitches are chains and half crochets are single crochets, you keep going like a spiral and you use a yarn needle to weave the ribbon around and through each stitch.

      Good luck making your jar:)

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