Dog toy


To make this great toy for your dog I used, 12 strings t-shirt yarn from about 1,2 yard long.

You devide the string in four parts from 3 strings and start the scoubidou technic, one I did with the round technic

Schermafbeelding 2013-01-13 om 14.24.37

and one with the straight technic

Schermafbeelding 2013-01-13 om 14.24.19

When you want to see the full explenation of the technic you can find it here.

In my Etsyshop and my own webshop I sell bundles t-shirt yarn from  Hoooked Zpagetti, but if you only want 12 strings for your dogtoy, you can click here I made a special listing for the dogtoy strings:)


Our dog loves this toy. We also sell them and give our profits to the seeing eye dogs

71 thoughts on “Dog toy”

    1. At DeAnn, with 1 bundle Zpagetti from 135 yard you can make about 6 dogtoys, The threads for the scoubidou have to be 1,8 yards long and you’ll need 12of those for 1 dogtoy.

      1. So I guess they are just under 2 yards long, but
        How wide are the strips?

      2. Doesn’t matter, as long is it’s thick material, you can always use more strands to make it thicker

    2. It is possible that the measurement is 1.8 yards. Europe uses a comma where the USA uses a comma.

  1. I make these for my lab from fleece. It doesn’t shed the way tshirts do and cleans your dog’s teeth by stretching around the teeth to scrub off tarter. Her teeth have been much cleaner and she loves the stretch and strength of these toys.

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  3. I must just be missing something or maybe not able to see all the directions. What do yiu do after you seperate in groups of 4?

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