Knitted bag tutorial


To make this bag I used 1 skein The shirt Yarn (about 800 gram) which you can buy here, a pair of bag handles which you can buy here a pair of knitting needles nr 17 and a 10mm thick crochet hook.

Cast on 40 stitches and work in garter stitch till your work measures about 35 inch, cast of


Fold your work and close the sides with single crochets, leave the top open but to make your work look better, I did single crochets there to

DSC_0752 DSC_0751DSC_0752


The only thing you have to do now is, putting the bag handles on your bag.


That’s it!!


31 thoughts on “Knitted bag tutorial”

  1. I know how to knit, but not how to crochet ! How did you crochet the sides together? Also, how did you fasten the handles to the bag? Thanks, it’s a great idea…..

      1. Hi Magy,

        If you go to the homepage of my blog, you will see that I have much more patterns, poufs, easter eggs, bracelet and there’s much more to come:)


  2. I think beginners would like to have options such knitting a strap instead of buying one. Also have the option to whip stitch the bag close on the right side instead of crocheting it closed.

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