crochet pouf pattern

poef grijs blogThe pouf is made with t-shirt yarn, which you can buy at for example Etsy and you have to crochet this pouf with at least a needle size that’s 10 mm thick. You can use a thicker needle but make sure your yarn matches the needle size. Thicker yarn and needle will only make the pouf bigger.

For a pouf 50cm cross cut you’ll need two 135 yard bundles, for a pouf 60cm cross cut you’ll need three

The pouf is crochet in a spiral, so you have to make sure that at the beginning of each row, you put a piece off material so you know where the row ends and starts

Chain 7 and close the chain with a slip stitch to a circle

–         row 1, crochet 12 st. in the circle

–         row 2, crochet 2 st. in every st. repeat 12x (=24)

–         row 3, crochet 2 st. in every second st repeat 12x(=36)

–         row 4, crochet2 st. in every third st. repeat 12x (=48)

–         row 5, crochet 2 st. in every fourth st. repeat 12x(=60)

–         row 6, crochet 2 st. in every fifth st. repeat 12x(=72)

–         row 7, crochet 2 st. in every sixth st. repeat 12x(=84)

–         row 8, crochet 2 st. in every seventh st. repeat 12x(=96)

–         row 9, 10, 11, 12 crochet 1 st. in every st

–         row 13, crochet every 7th en 8th st.together repeat 12x(=84)

–         row 14, crochet every 6th en 7th st.together repeat 12x(=72)

–         row 15, crochet every 5th en 6th st.together repeat 12x=60)

–         row 16, crochet every 4th en 5th st. together repeat 12x(=48)

Make out off stretch fabric an inside cover and fill the pouf

The bottom

crochet 7 slip stiches and close the chain with a half crochet to a circle

–         row 1, crochet 12 st. in the circle

–         row 2, crochet 2 st. in every st. (=24)

–         row 3, crochet 2 st. in every 2nd st.(=36)

–         row 4, crochet 2 st. in every 3th st. (=48)

Sew with an overhand stitch the bottom to the pouf and ready!!!!


For the small pouf skip row 6-7-8 and row 13-14-15

st = treble in UK

st = double crochet in US

poef grijs blog2

Voor het patroon in het Nederlands kan je HIER kikken:)

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40 thoughts on “crochet pouf pattern”

  1. “crochet pouf pattern | LVLY” Venetian Blinds ended up being definitely engaging and helpful!
    Within modern society that’s tough to do.
    Thank you, Viola

  2. Hi. Could you tell me what kind of stiches you use? Double crochet? Treble? Thanks. Rachel

  3. I’m not sure I understand the pattern…can you help me out? When I start the second round, I have 12 stitches. If I do 2 stitches per stitch, all around, it gives me 24, as indicated. What does the ”repeat 6x” mean? My pouf will be HUGE if I crochet 2 stitches per stitch, all around, for 6 rounds!
    Also, on the third round, if I have 24 stitches, and do 2 stitches every second stitch… doesn’t it turn out to 24 at the end of the round, rather than 36?
    Can you clear it up for me?


    1. Sorry, it has to be 12x instead of 6 times. For example row 3
      row 3, crochet 2 st. in every 2e st repeat 12x(=36)
      In this row you have to crochet 2 double crochets in every second stitch from the row before and you have to repeat that 12 times

    1. Hi Lou-Ann,

      If you use rope and there’s no stretch, you have to use another techniek because it will be to thick at the top and bottom, with wool I think it will be a bit easier. When you use the shirt yarn the circumference will be bigger easier because it stretches

    1. Hi Lou-Ann, You can make it as big as you would like, but as I already said in the other you have to use a yarn with a bit of stretch!

  4. I’m totally new to crochet but I made it half way thru the pattern with the correct number of stitches. But I’m totally confused on Row 13. What does “crochet every 7th en 8th st. Together” mean? Does it mean double crochet in every 7th stitch like the first half of the pattern? Or something different happening here? Thanks!

    1. Hi Georgena,

      So many people made the pouf, but you’re the first to notice my mistake, you’re completly wright, It must be chain 7 an close with a slip stitch:)

      Thank you

    1. You can make it as big an as high as you like, just add rows. To make it bigger add increasing rows, to make it higher add rows without increasing or decreasing.

  5. Hello
    I made this pouf higher and wider so when I start to decrease do I still start with the 7th and 8the stitches

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