Easter DIY

DSC_0586I can’t wait till it’s Spring and for me Spring starts when it’s Easter.

With this DIY you have to start early, because if you would like a lot of Easter eggs, it will take a while, because it’s a lot of work, but don’t they look beautifull!

First you take an egg, don’t boil it! Wash the egg, you know where it comes from:)

Make a hole on the top and bottom of the egg

DSC_0678Then you blow as hard as you can on the top hole form the egg


It’s not always that easy and try to hold the eggs with all ten fingers, to prevent them from breaking, again you have rinse the egg when it’s empty.


Then you follow this pattern for the egg shown in the picture above. You have to use thread that matches needle size 1.5mm, that’s a 6 steel in the US

patroon  paasei

Here the signs are explained, the pattern is made in two parts and you attach the second part to the first part in the last row where you see the arrows with a single crochet. Put your egg inside before closing and when it’s still wide enough.
patroon paasei

When your egg is finished you take a piece off ribbon from about 15 inch long and make a knot


Take a very thin crochet needle or long needle and put it through the egg.


Than work the ribbon first through the bottom and then through the top of the egg.

Put some branches which start to sprout in a vase and hang your eggs in it.

If would like the other patterns to you can click here

DSC_0584I can’t wait for Spring!!!


78 thoughts on “Easter DIY”

  1. I would like to know if your egg patterns are available in word format instead of charts to use as directions. That is what is widely used these days, and would be helpful to those of us not familiar with reading charts. Also, are the patterns for sale sent in word or chart format?

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      The patterns are in chart, but if somebody buys the pattern and can’t read it I will be happy to put it in words, but it’s not yet available:)

  2. You mentioned this pattern was for sale somewhere? Where is that link?

    What type of string do you use for this? And what type of hook? How did you do the other, more intricate designs you have pictured?

  3. Awesome … thanks for sharing. I’ve been wondering what I can decorate the tree branch I have hanging on a wall in my shop for Easter this year 😉

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  5. I contacted you earlier this year about purchasing the patterns in written form but you did not have time to write them up. Is it possible to get them in written form now?


      1. Hi, I ended up buying the Easter egg crochet patterns. I want to clarify if the pattern is written in the European format, where you would call a single crochet, we call a slip stitch, a double crochet is a single crochet, etc.

        Thanks, Rose Ann

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