It has been a while….


I have been very busy, so it has been a while since I have been on this blog. There are a lot of changes in my life. I was selling shirt yarn and made a lot of patterns which I posted on this blog. My yarn is on sale now because, I bought a laser engraving machine and this is my core business now. If you would like to buy my last bundles of yarn you can visit my Etsy shop If you would like to see what I’m doing now you can visit my webshop We ship worldwide and you can skip the website to the english version, if you prefer to buy through Etsy you can visit our shop there lvlyxxx

In the picture above you’ll see a cake topper we made and in the picture below you’ll see a breakfast whip “don’t touch my breakfast” which we made for the promotion of a book full of healthy breakfasts for Quaker

We also sell business to business so if you see an item in our website which you would like to sell or use for a promotion you can contact us, minimum order has to be 10 of a product. We also do a lot of custom made orders, we love to work with leather, wood, glass and acrilyc. You can contact us through

I’m going to try to keep you posted here and hope to see you in one of our shops:)

quaker promotion

Jeans shorts with lace


My daugther and I re-styled her shorts that became to tight around her legs. It was here idea and I did the sewing part. You can also do this with long jeans but you have to cut them to short pants first.

You need a piece of lace that’s about 12cm wide and 30 cm long, I bought mine HERE and your shortsfoto 2foto 4

Cut a piece out of your short on both sides, like shown in the picture

foto 3

With a sewing machine you attach the lace to the pants

foto copy

With a pin you ruffle the edges

foto 1And ready!!

It only takes ten minutes , and the result is great

foto 5

Proud Mom

cotton tote bagcotton tote bag chanel








My daughter who’s only thirteen years old started designing and selling, great organic cotton tote bags with fun, lovely and beautiful designs. On top of all, these bags are great for the environment, because you don’t need a plastic tote bag.

If you would like to see what she already made you can click HERE.

This is a Dutch website so if you would like to order, you can always send me an message, she ships them worldwide for $3,50 and they cost $14,50

Doing good



Here’re my daughters latest bracelets and I think she’s doing great. Maybe I will put a tutorial on my blog soon, so keep in touch:)

Would you like to have a great friendship bracelet from my daughter, just visit her ETSY shop MYSTICKYTOFFEE click HERE

Creativity is heritable part 2

milou armband 2

A few months ago I posted that I believe creativity is heritable and linked to my mother’s blog, because she is creative and I learned to knit, sew and crochet from her.

My daughter is 12 years old now and here’s the proof that’s she also creative :)) She knows how to knit and crochet, has her own blog and now she started a shop on ETSY, where she sells her own handmade bead woven bracelets (she also makes them with names).

Are you curious or do you want to see the proof that creativity is heritable, you can go to her shop when you click HERE

milou armband

10 years anniversary

zebra party copyIt’s party time, because ten years ago I started my shop in Amsterdam and on the internet. A lot has changed, but I’m happy to see some things are still the same. It’s still a fun and colorful shop with a lot of nice customers:)

Because we want to celebrate this party, you can shop with 10% discount during the whole month of June
The code you’ll have to use at check out is party

Would you like to start shopping right away, just click HERE


Shopping with discount



Today (24-05-2013) you can shop in our webshop with 15% discount and tomorrow with 10% discount
The discount code for today is FRIDAY en for tomorrow… SATURDAY
If you would like to start shopping in our LVLY shop you can click HERE

You can also buy the Hoooked Zpagetti yarn, with discount

creativity is heritable

Schermafbeelding 2013-02-08 om 00.07.05

If you want proof that creativity is heritable, you should watch this.

It’s my mom’s blog and she is busy creating all day.

In a few weeks I will post my 12 year old daughters DIY on this blog, but at the moment she’s still busy finishing it:)

My first post

I’m starting this blog, to share my DIY’s and inspirations with you. Dutch is my main language, but I try do do the best I can in my creative English:) In Amsterdam Holland I have a giftshop and a lot of the items are handmade, these items I also sell in my Etsyshop and all the gifts you can find in my webshop I’m working very hard to translate my webshop, so that it will be possible for everybody to buy in my shop. I will keep you posted about this. If you see someting in my shop you would like to purchase you can send me a message at

I have a daughter who’s 12 years old and also very creative, sometimes she gets lost browsing pinterest for hours for some inspiration and she has her own webshop (she’ only 13 years old, and I’m a proud mom:). I have a husband who helps me out a lot and there’s Moortje our dog