Knitted Christmas bells


To get in the mood for Christmas, I post this pattern so you will have enough time to finsh them

knitted jingTo make this knitted Christmas bells, I used:

-white Ribbon XL or T-shirt yanr which you can buy here

-two bells which you can buy here

-a pair of knitting needles size 10,5 or 7mm

-2 yards  satin ribbon

Cast on 12 stitches and knit 35 needles in garter stitch, but at one side of your work you slip the first stitch when you start the needle. After 35 needles cast of the stitches

Pick up 40 stitches at the opposite side of where you slipped the first stitch

1 row knit

2 row purl

3 row knit

4 row purl

5 row knit

6 row cast of in purl

Close the sides of the bell and pick up the stitches you slipped and pull them together.

Make another bell, gether the bells with the ribbon and put the bells inside.

Merry Xmas everybody


Doing good



Here’re my daughters latest bracelets and I think she’s doing great. Maybe I will put a tutorial on my blog soon, so keep in touch:)

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Happy new year


I want to wish everybody a crafty, lovely and lucky 2013.

Browsing the web I found this great DIY which you can also do for a birtday with letters and number. These candles brighten up every party:)

If you want to see the tutorial, please click here