Half way there

A few weeks ago, I started with this crochet umbrella, now I’m half way there. I did about 45 rows and there are 20 more to come, but because the rows are getting longer and longer I’m half way there! There will come two more roses in each part. One rose and a butterfly are already finished.When I finish the umbrella, I will make the pattern available for those who like to crochet. The finished umbrella will be for sale in my Etsy shop.


The making of……. an umbrella

foto-15A view months ago I started this project, but I made a mistake in the beginning and ended up with 7 part but every umbrella has 8 parts. I have been looking on the internet for an umbrella with 7 parts but I gave up. It took me some time to get over it but, last week I started over and this is a picture from the work in progress. I think it will take me a couple of weeks to finish it and when it’s finished, I will publish the pattern and the umbrella, which is great for a wedding, will be for sale:)