Easter DIY

DSC_0586I can’t wait till it’s Spring and for me Spring starts when it’s Easter.

With this DIY you have to start early, because if you would like a lot of Easter eggs, it will take a while, because it’s a lot of work, but don’t they look beautifull!

First you take an egg, don’t boil it! Wash the egg, you know where it comes from:)

Make a hole on the top and bottom of the egg

DSC_0678Then you blow as hard as you can on the top hole form the egg


It’s not always that easy and try to hold the eggs with all ten fingers, to prevent them from breaking, again you have rinse the egg when it’s empty.


Then you follow this pattern for the egg shown in the picture above. You have to use thread that matches needle size 1.5mm, that’s a 6 steel in the US

patroon  paasei

Here the signs are explained, the pattern is made in two parts and you attach the second part to the first part in the last row where you see the arrows with a single crochet. Put your egg inside before closing and when it’s still wide enough.
patroon paasei

When your egg is finished you take a piece off ribbon from about 15 inch long and make a knot


Take a very thin crochet needle or long needle and put it through the egg.


Than work the ribbon first through the bottom and then through the top of the egg.

Put some branches which start to sprout in a vase and hang your eggs in it.

If would like the other patterns to you can click here

DSC_0584I can’t wait for Spring!!!


Dream Catcher


My latest project was the dream catcher you see in the picture above. This is an xl size dreamcatcher and is cross cut 70cm, that’s about 27″

To make this dream catcher I used dmc cotton thickness size 12 and a crochet hook size 1,75mm US size 6. You can use any kind of yarn, which you can crochet with a US 6 crochet hook

The crochet chart I used is in the picture below.

The stitches are used in this pattern are in US terms:

  • chainstitch
  • slip stich (at the end of each row)
  • single crochet
  • double crochet

To make this pattern you must be able to read crochet charts, but it isn’t as difficult as it seams. Make sure you count the stitches well, especially in the beginning. If you make a mistake in counting at the beginning this will affect the entire pattern.

dream catcher

When you have a smaller hoop, you can finish your pattern before the end.

Keep in mind that the doily will be stretched in the hoop.

After finishing your doily attach it to the hoop and finish your work, with strings of lace, feathers, ribbons or what ever you’ll like. Just make it beautiful

You can also use other doily’s. On Pinterest you’ll find a lot of crochet doily charts also in smaller size for smaller sizes hoops

Have fun making your own beautiful dream catcher!

Do you want to see my other patterns check out my blog, you’ll also find a chart for crochet Easter eggs and the are just beautiful

Crochet square floor cushion

square floorcushion


3 balls t-shirt yarn 900 grams

You can buy t-shirt yarn here or here

Crochet Hook No. 12

foam 10x50x50cm

Stretchy fabric ca 140x 80cm

Ikea comforter 150x200cm Mysa grass or fiberfill 150x200cm



V= US terms single crochet

V= UK terms double crochet

1 inch = aprox 2,21cm

52,5 cm = aprox 24 inch

Crochet a chain of about 35 L.

Skip the first L and crochet then a tour with 34 V.

At the end of every row crochet 1L

Turn piece and work with V and you have to crochet underneath both loops

After 2 rows you have to check if your work is aprox 52,5cm wide.

If different, start again and adjust the amount of chainstitches

You crochet until you have a piece of 52.5 x 105cm. Finish all threads.

Fold your work at the center. Sew the sides tightly with a thread of t-shirt yarn .

Sew a pillowcase of stretchy fabric.

Lay the piece of foam on the comforter and fold the comforter around the piece of foam Put it in the pillowcase.

Put het cushion in the crochet cover. Maybe you’ll need some assistance, because it’s a bit tight .

Close the pillow with a thread of t-shirt yarn

Your pillow is ready! Have fun with it!

If you have any questions, please contact me

This floorcushion was designed by Marutska,  because it was written in Dutch I translated it. Marutska makes beautiful crochet items, if you want to check her blog click here or you can like her on Facebook

Half way there

A few weeks ago, I started with this crochet umbrella, now I’m half way there. I did about 45 rows and there are 20 more to come, but because the rows are getting longer and longer I’m half way there! There will come two more roses in each part. One rose and a butterfly are already finished.When I finish the umbrella, I will make the pattern available for those who like to crochet. The finished umbrella will be for sale in my Etsy shop.

Crochet stool made with The Shirt Yarn


Shopping list

  • For this stool I used 2 bundles The shirt yarn 
  • The base for the stool you can find here.
  • a crochet needle that 12mm thick
  • about 1 yard tricot/stretch fabric in the same color as your yarn
  • a staple gun (be careful)

Okay here we start:

Make  9 sc in magic loop

row 1 crochet 2 sc in every sc from the row before is 18

row 2 crochet 1 sc in every sc from the row before

row 3 crochet 1 sc in the sc from the row before in the next 2 sc repeat 9x is 27 sc

row 4 crochet 1 sc in every sc from the row before

row 5 crochet 2×1 sc in the sc from the row before in the next 2 sc repeat 9x is 36 sc

row 6 crochet 1 sc in every sc from the row before

row 7 crochet 3×1 sc in the sc from the row before in the next 2 sc repeat 9x is 45 sc

row 8 crochet 1 sc in every sc from the row before

row 9 till the hight you’ll need, crochet 1 sc in every sc from the row before, finish your work

Cover the base with the tricot/stretch fabric and attach it at the bottom from the stool base with the staple gun.

Cover it with your beautiful crochet cover and your stool is finished.


If you really don’t know how to crochet, but you would love to have a stool like this, HERE’S your solution:)

Voor de vertaling in het Nederlands kan je HIER klikken

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