Dream Catcher


My latest project was the dream catcher you see in the picture above. This is an xl size dreamcatcher and is cross cut 70cm, that’s about 27″

To make this dream catcher I used dmc cotton thickness size 12 and a crochet hook size 1,75mm US size 6. You can use any kind of yarn, which you can crochet with a US 6 crochet hook

The crochet chart I used is in the picture below.

The stitches are used in this pattern are in US terms:

  • chainstitch
  • slip stich (at the end of each row)
  • single crochet
  • double crochet

To make this pattern you must be able to read crochet charts, but it isn’t as difficult as it seams. Make sure you count the stitches well, especially in the beginning. If you make a mistake in counting at the beginning this will affect the entire pattern.

dream catcher

When you have a smaller hoop, you can finish your pattern before the end.

Keep in mind that the doily will be stretched in the hoop.

After finishing your doily attach it to the hoop and finish your work, with strings of lace, feathers, ribbons or what ever you’ll like. Just make it beautiful

You can also use other doily’s. On Pinterest you’ll find a lot of crochet doily charts also in smaller size for smaller sizes hoops

Have fun making your own beautiful dream catcher!

Do you want to see my other patterns check out my blog, you’ll also find a chart for crochet Easter eggs and the are just beautiful