spool knitted bracelet nr2


To make this spool knitted bracelet you’ll need:

  • lurex thread
  • wire 14cm
  • a knitting spool (the ones in the pictures you can buy HERE)
  • a spier


Knit with the spool and the lurex thread a strand of 12 cm long


Cut a 14cm long piece of the wire, and attach the wire back and forth


Baby hat made with Zpagetti

DSC_0163When I find a pattern which I can make with The shirt yarn, I want to try and share it.

Most of the patterns on my blog are made with The shirt yarn.

The shirt yarn is recycled t-shirt fabric and available in a lot of colors, I sell this in my shop www.lvly.nl and people from al over the world can buy, this great material here.

Of course you are free to use any other kind of bulky yarn as long as it matches the needle size, for this pattern.

Do you also want to make this cute baby hat from Rockin’ like a hermit crab, please click HERE


I think it’s so cute!!!

Rose tea light

A great table decoration for weddings or a romantic dinner at home;)

DSCN0116This is a very easy DIY tutorial on how to make this great flameless rose tea light!

I got inspired by this tutorial from Smart School House, only they used spoons and because I didn’t have them I tried without.

What you’ll need is a glue gun, a fabric rose and a flameless tea light.DSCN0096Cut the leaves from the rose and start with glueing the inside of the rose first to the tea light and then you add another layer till your petals are finished


and done!!!DSCN0104

Fun frog

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 23.20.54

This tutorial from Stins, it’s so much fun and so easy that I had to share this with you.

The pattern you can find here

Mirjam and her son created this clicker-frog toy together: he had the idea of making the click sound with a jar lid and together they thought it might be fun to make a crochet frog of it. Super simple!! In Dutch the word for “frog” is “kikker”, so they called this design: klikker!

infinity scarf

DSC_0606 sjaal beige los 2

To make this cowl I used two skeins Ribbon Xl which you can buy here. I love the ribbon XL because it’s made from recycled cotton and because it’s cotton it doesn’t itch and is not to warm, but feel free to use any other kind of material that matches knitting needles size 17

 Cast on 40 stitches en work in garter stitch, the width of the work has to measure aprox 16 inches. Than work in garter stitch till the work measures aprox 36 inches and cast of the stitches.


Put your work flat on the table and give it a twist, like shown in the pictures and close the short sides with an overhand stitch

patroon sjaal patroon sjaal3

You can wear it in different kind of styles

DSC_0604 sjaal beige los
DSC_0601 sjaal grijs hoofd DSC_0797 sjaal antraciet If you have any questions feel free to send me a message

Have fun making your own chunky cowl!!!

Voor het patroon in het Nederlands kan je HIER klikken

spool knitted bracelet nr2


For this bracelet you’ll need:

  • lurex thread
  • silver colored wire
  • knitting spool ( the ones in the pictures you can buy HERE)
  • a jewelry plier


Knit with the spool and lurex yarn a strand, 12cm long


Finish the threads on the knitted strand.

Cut a piece of 14cm from the wire and attach it on both sides of the knitted strand, back and forth.


And ready:)

crochet pouf pattern

poef grijs blogThe pouf is made with t-shirt yarn, which you can buy at for example Etsy and you have to crochet this pouf with at least a needle size that’s 10 mm thick. You can use a thicker needle but make sure your yarn matches the needle size. Thicker yarn and needle will only make the pouf bigger.

For a pouf 50cm cross cut you’ll need two 135 yard bundles, for a pouf 60cm cross cut you’ll need three

The pouf is crochet in a spiral, so you have to make sure that at the beginning of each row, you put a piece off material so you know where the row ends and starts

Chain 7 and close the chain with a slip stitch to a circle

–         row 1, crochet 12 st. in the circle

–         row 2, crochet 2 st. in every st. repeat 12x (=24)

–         row 3, crochet 2 st. in every second st repeat 12x(=36)

–         row 4, crochet2 st. in every third st. repeat 12x (=48)

–         row 5, crochet 2 st. in every fourth st. repeat 12x(=60)

–         row 6, crochet 2 st. in every fifth st. repeat 12x(=72)

–         row 7, crochet 2 st. in every sixth st. repeat 12x(=84)

–         row 8, crochet 2 st. in every seventh st. repeat 12x(=96)

–         row 9, 10, 11, 12 crochet 1 st. in every st

–         row 13, crochet every 7th en 8th st.together repeat 12x(=84)

–         row 14, crochet every 6th en 7th st.together repeat 12x(=72)

–         row 15, crochet every 5th en 6th st.together repeat 12x=60)

–         row 16, crochet every 4th en 5th st. together repeat 12x(=48)

Make out off stretch fabric an inside cover and fill the pouf

The bottom

crochet 7 slip stiches and close the chain with a half crochet to a circle

–         row 1, crochet 12 st. in the circle

–         row 2, crochet 2 st. in every st. (=24)

–         row 3, crochet 2 st. in every 2nd st.(=36)

–         row 4, crochet 2 st. in every 3th st. (=48)

Sew with an overhand stitch the bottom to the pouf and ready!!!!


For the small pouf skip row 6-7-8 and row 13-14-15

st = treble in UK

st = double crochet in US

poef grijs blog2

Voor het patroon in het Nederlands kan je HIER kikken:)

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knitted pouf tutorial

Schermafbeelding 2013-02-01 om 19.48.11

I have to admit, this is a tutorial on how to make a pouf from Pickles and not my own, but I love it. Pickles has a very good pattern and if I find the time I really want to make this.

Spool knitted bracelet

DSC_0841I love the french knitting dolls, but I’m often wondering what to do with al the strand, so I made this tutorial. This is also a great tutorial for kids

You’ll need a french knitting doll, the one in the picture I bought here. 3 colors yarn, the one I used is acryl and some electric wire.


First make a strand and than you put the wire in the strand (see picture)


Close the ends and put the bracelet through each other, and this is the result:)


Knitted bag tutorial


To make this bag I used 1 skein The shirt Yarn (about 800 gram) which you can buy here, a pair of bag handles which you can buy here a pair of knitting needles nr 17 and a 10mm thick crochet hook.

Cast on 40 stitches and work in garter stitch till your work measures about 35 inch, cast of


Fold your work and close the sides with single crochets, leave the top open but to make your work look better, I did single crochets there to

DSC_0752 DSC_0751DSC_0752


The only thing you have to do now is, putting the bag handles on your bag.


That’s it!!