pom poms made with t-shirt yarn

shirt yarn pom poms

Yet another great project I’m want to do for a long time already. Craftaholics Anonymous explained very well on her blog how to make these pom poms. I love the colors she used, but of course you can make them in any color you’ll desire. If you would like to order your t-shirt yarn you can click here.

If you make the pom poms a bit bigger, you can use them as a pillow.

For the full tutorial click here

t-shirt yarn pom poms

Baskets made with t-shirt yarn

crochet baskets

The baskets shown in the picture are from Annie O Crafts and are made with rope.

The pattern is very easy and can also be done with our shirt yarn, you need about one ball. These basket are great for some home deco and you can make them in every color you desire and as big and as high as you would like.

They are very nice on the side of the nursery, for balls of wool, magazines, as a wastebasket in the office, toys, you name it. If you put in a glass vase, then you can also put flowers in.

If you can’t wait to start this great project, then click here and you will be directed to the easy to follow instructions at Anie O Crafts 

Crochet slippers made with T-shirt yarn


crochet slipper


Yes! I found another nice pattern for T-shirt yarn!!!

The yarn used for the slippers you can find here

The pattern from “look at what I made”, you can find here

I prefer the ones with the button:)

Which ones would you like to make??


t-shirt yarn necklace

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 23.49.07

I will always be looking for new patterns and project which can be made with The shirt yarn and this time I stumbled upon a very easy DIY for a necklace. On the blog from Melissa Esplin it’s very clearly explained how to make these beautiful necklaces.

Where’s the Cat basket


Another great project you can make with T-shirt yarn, from our own brand The shirt yarn and we sell it here, you’ll need about 1000 gram

You’ll need a 12 mm crochet needle, if you don’t have one you can buy it here

Note!!! sc is a single crochet in US and a double crochet in UK

How to make the Cat basket:

Make  9 sc in magic loop

row 1 crochet 2 sc in every sc from the row before is 18

row 2 crochet 1 sc in every sc from the row before

row 3 crochet 1 sc in the sc from the row before in the next 2 sc repeat 9x is 27 sc

row 4 crochet 1 sc in every sc from the row before

row 5 crochet 2×1 sc in the sc from the row before in the next 2 sc repeat 9x is 36 sc

row 6 crochet 1 sc in every sc from the row before

row 7 crochet 3×1 sc in the sc from the row before in the next 2 sc repeat 9x is 45 sc

row 8 crochet 1 sc in every sc from the row before

row 9 crochet 4×1 sc in the sc from the row before in the next 2 sc repeat 9x is 54 sc

row 10-18 crochet 1 sc in every sc from the row before, in the last row you can change the color

Your cat or little dog will love this great recycled yarn basket, which is comfortable and cozy and you can easily wash it. If you keep increasing you can make this basket bigger, if you would like it for a big dog


Baby hat made with Zpagetti

DSC_0163When I find a pattern which I can make with The shirt yarn, I want to try and share it.

Most of the patterns on my blog are made with The shirt yarn.

The shirt yarn is recycled t-shirt fabric and available in a lot of colors, I sell this in my shop www.lvly.nl and people from al over the world can buy, this great material here.

Of course you are free to use any other kind of bulky yarn as long as it matches the needle size, for this pattern.

Do you also want to make this cute baby hat from Rockin’ like a hermit crab, please click HERE


I think it’s so cute!!!

Crochet jar


For this jar I used about 120 gram t-shirt yarn which you can buy here, a jar, a 10mm crochet needle and a piece of 10mm satin ribbon 30 inch long.


Crochet a chain in slipstitch that fits your jar and close it with a half crochet, for my jar I made 20 slipstitches


Than work in single crochet and work till your work is as high as your jar and finish your work.


Put it around your jar and work your satin ribbon through and make a little bow


You can use your jar for your pencils or other things,


or you can put  candle in it!


Pattern knitted pouf

DSC_0551 poef gebreid eindresultaat

Here I will show you how the knitted pouf is made

It’s not diffucult and  the pictures will also show you how it works.


I used three bundles of The shirt yarn ( wich you can buy here)

You use knitting needles 18mm, I made my own, because I wanted them longer.

How I made the pouf, size cross cut 39 cm

Cast on 22 stiches with two threads of  Zpagetti yarn, if you have any other thread which is thick enough, feel free to use it.

22 stitches is equal to about 40 cm wide (15,7 inch)

Continue in garter stitch

DSC_0529 poef gebreid 1

Work till you have the length two times longer than you work is wide (80cm)(31,4 inch)

DSC_0531 poef gebreid 2

So if you want to make a bigger pouf cast on more stiches and make your work longer!

Close the short sides of your work

DSC_0533 poef gebreid 4

Than work a thread through the long side of your work, but skip each time one row. In the pictures it is shown with a purple thread.

DSC_0540 poef gebreid 6

when you did this all the way, you pull the thread very hard, so your work wil close!

DSC_0541 poef gebreid 7

Then make a inside cover out of strech material, wich is a little bit bigger than the knitted piece!

DSC_0542 poef gebreid 8

Put the inside cover in the knitted piece and fill it firmly, with whatever you like, I filled it with feathers.

DSC_0543 poef gebreid 9

Close the top of the inside cover firmly.

DSC_0544 poef gebreid 10

Then close the top the same way as you closed the bottom, so skip each time 1 row and pull and close firmly!

And there it is, your own beautiful POUF, made by you!!!!

DSC_0551 poef gebreid eindresultaat

If you would like the pattern from the crochet pouf you can click here

poef wit


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