Designer Face Mask

Designer Face Mask

Are you bored of al these bleu/white face mask and are you allowed to wear a face mask made from fabric, then you can make your own designer face mask and it will cost almost zero.


To make the designer face mask you have to check out your closet. If you have ever bought shoes from for example, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, Prada or any other expensive shoe brand, the shoes come (most of the time) with a bag in which you can store your shoes.

This bag has a logo or name from the brand and this bag is in most cases very suitable for making a face mask. Make sure the bag is the big enough and the material is not to thick.

If you don’t have the bags, you can always ask in stores or check out your friends closets. I got mine for free at a store and made a face mask for the shop owner to thank him.

How to make the designer face mask

Through this link or this one, you’ll find a video where it’s very easy explained how to make a face mask. Make sure the name or logo ends up in the middle of you face mask.

Feel free to use another pattern, but the patterns with a stitching on the front in the middle or not suitable, because that is where the name or logo will be.


The face mask made from fabric are not as good as the surgical face mask. So only use them when a surgical face mask is not needed. Wear the fabric face masks only where they are allowed.

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