Who am I

Hi I’m Evelien, mother of Milou, wife of Ino, boss of Moortje and partime stephmother of Daniël, Yannick and Morris. I started this blog to keep you posted about my last DIY’s

I own a kids daycare centre in Amsterdam and we take care of 15 children in the age of 0-4 years old every day. Next door I have a giftshop called Kits+diezijn where I sell gifts for kids and grown ups. A lot of stuff in my shop is handmade. We also sell Zpagetti and Ribbon xl from Hoooked. In 2011 I started an Etsyshop, so now everybody can buy my handmade designs and the Zpagetti yarns all over the world. I just finished my internet shop www.lvly.nl , it’s now also available all over the world

Dutch is my main language, so sorry for any mistakes, maybe sometimes I write in creative English:). If you don’t understand what I’m writing please let me know and I will try to explain.

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